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Welcome to Environmental Research Consulting

Environmental Research Consulting (ERC) was established in September 1999 by Dr. Dagmar Schmidt Etkin. ERC specializes in data analysis, environmental risk assessment, cost analyses, expert witness research and testimony, and development of comprehensive databases on oil and chemical spills in service to regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations, and industry. ERC's spill cost models and spill databases are widely recognized as the most comprehensive and reliable available. ERC also conducts research on invasive species as pertains to ballast water management, and land or water management. ERC's goal is to provide government, non-governmental organizations, and industry with sound scientific data and perspectives for responsible environmental decision-making.

ERC is a small disadvantaged woman-owned business enterprise.

ERC's President and Principal Consultant Dr. Dagmar Schmidt Etkin has 42 years of experience in environmental analysis — 14 years investigating issues in population biology and ecological systems, and 28 years specializing in the analysis of oil spills.

Our services include:

  • Ecological Risk Assessment/Risk Assessment
  • Offshore Well Blowout Risk Analysis
  • Crude-by-Rail and Pipeline Risk Analysis
  • Vessel Traffic Risk Analysis
  • Spill Data Analysis
  • Spill Cost/Impact Modeling
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Spill Cost Analysis
  • Spill Database Development
  • Expert Witness/Litigation Support
  • Legislative Support

For more information or to get an estimate, please contact us.